Your Guide to Who’s Hiring in Canada

In recognition of Canada Day, are providing you with a special peek at some of Canada’s top employers. This list includes some of the most promising companies in Canada that are hiring in now.

To begin your job search, we highly encourage you to break down your career journey into short- and long-term goals. This will help you focus on what you can accomplish now while considering what you can work towards. You’ll also want to consider the biggest growth sectors in Canada, which currently include eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, and Supply Chain.

To help you narrow down some options, we looked to our friends at LinkedIn. Using one of our favorite resources, #Hiringnow, here’s a shortlist of truly exemplary companies. We suggest you keep these bookmarked for possible future careers as we believe these are worth watching.

Mastercard is hiring people for more than 450 roles.

Did you know that Mastercard supports a significant number of important social causes? Although there are too many to list here, it’s important to note that they are big supporters of Indigenous community development in Canada. Such support matters because it means Mastercard sees beyond corporate profits. They walk the talk. Importantly, Mastercard is also committed to diversity. Such a commitment is a huge advantage for international students because they believe in the value of a diverse and international workforce.

Ubisoft is hiring over 140 positions in Montreal.

We like this company because of the variety of positions open, and their cool careers interface. Ubisoft allows users to search by type of job and by country. If their corporate culture is as engaging and user friendly as their website, then we believe they’re worth a peek.

Update: There have been concerns about the corporate environmentand we would encourage our international students, as always, to be aware of and do any due diligence concerning companies you are thinking of applying toYou can read more about this concern here.

Accenture is hiring people for more than 5,550 open roles.

Accenture is another favorite of ours because they consistently rate high as an excellent employer. They are also a believer in corporate citizenship. Ranked 34 out of the world’s most admired companies by Fortune Magazine (for 18 years) and as number 1 in Diversity and Inclusiveness, Accenture is an equity-minded corporation. Ever notice how ‘doing the right thing’ seems to be highly correlated with business success? Check out jobs at Accenture Canada.

Shopify is hiring for an unknown number of positions

Shopify is a trendsetter – no doubt about it. One of the first companies to announce they would be encouraging employees to work from home during COVID-19. In fact, they were the first to announce they would enable employees to work from home indefinitely. We love Shopify because it is a true Canadian success story. A multinational e-commerce company located in our nation’s capital Ottawa, as of April 2020, they have been rated Canada’s 2nd largest company by market capitalization. However, we wouldn’t be bragging about them here unless they were also a stand up company in terms of their genuine commitment to good corporate citizenship. Search for Shopify careers here.

Slack is hiring for software engineering positions

As we continue to re-think how we work and conduct business while staying safe, the demand for remote solutions is increasing. As a result, Slack, a home-grown company from Vancouver BC, has stepped up to the plate to offer those solutions. In fact, it’s reported in their last quarter that they had a 50% revenue growth year-over-year and thus need to grow their team of talented individuals. They place a big emphasis on creating meaningful work for employees and striving for a healthy work-life balance. In addition, Slack provides a range of benefits for their employees, including social opportunities, professional development, as well as health and wellness bonuses. Positions are open in Vancouver and Toronto. Search for Slack careers here.

OpenText is hiring for various positions

Opentext, based in Waterloo ON, has offices across Canada that are hiring for various positions, in areas such as HR, IT, engineering, and customer service. They also offer specific opportunities that are geared towards students and recent graduates, so keep a lookout for those as well. OpenText strives to create a diverse environment full of highly talented individuals while also providing the technology and support they need to succeed. In fact, they were named as a top employer in Waterloo for 2020.

We also want to give you some options to get some part-time work to hold you over until you find that longer-term career job. Companies that are looking to hire for part-time positions include Amazon, Dollarama, LCBO, and Walmart.

Although it may seem that the job market isn’t as fruitful as it once was, we hope this list has provided you with some options and ideas to help you take that first step in your job search. Meanwhile, we will continue to support each other through learning and mentoring. If you’d like a one on one assessment with our career coach to plan your next steps, book a time with Sejal Ahir.





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