3 Stages of a Successful Job Search Journey

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Getting a job as a recent graduate is no easy task. Add in the additional roadblocks and barriers international students face, the job search process can be even more taxing. If international students face unique challenges, then the solution to the job search problem must also cater to those specifics.

I also want to bring to your attention why we address getting a job as a process. If getting a job is the destination, we have to account for the journey. Often you only hear about the success stories, promotions, and dream jobs. These are amazing accomplishments to celebrate, but it doesn’t quite tell the full story. What were the steps an individual took to get to that position. This can make it confusing if you don’t know where to start. At this stage, you may be asking, what does a successful job search journey really look like?

We took on this challenge at Devant and developed a process specific for international students. It was developed by our team of former international students, career coaches and HR Professions. After working with international students and recent graduates, we realized the unique challenges they face, their goals, and the job search stages they encounter before success. This is how our process came together.  Now, let’s break it down.


Often forgotten but incredibly important is the PLANNING stage. In this stage, you are doing critical thinking about what is promoting you to STAY in Canada. This includes research on your industry and roles in your chosen sector and the goals you have in place for a successful career in Canada. Research with a combination of online searches, informational interviews or with the help of a career coach. It is all about getting a clear picture of who you are and how you might fit into the Canadian workforce. To take it one step further, you may also be asking questions about your immigration status and how your timeline for a future job will be impacted by this.

This stage is critical because it is the foundation on which you will continue your job search. Without this strong foundation, you are subject to burnout, overwhelm, and confusion. To help you in this stage, attend our Immigration Q and As, Expert Panels, and/or Day 1 of Get Hired at home to learn from industry leaders.


Next comes PREPARATION. In this stage, you are gearing up to meet with employers and recruiters. This includes your application package (resume and cover letter), personal branding, elevator pitch, and interview preparation. There are two main goals to accomplish in this stage:

  1. Craft a compelling story to showcase your strength and competencies to potential employers.
  2. Understand and leverage the tools and resources used by recruiters in the hiring process

In this stage, you are learning about the hiring process through the lens of the employer. Using this knowledge, you will work to develop the most effective package that caters to the needs of your future employer.

Join our resume clinic and recruiter Q and A to get the insider scoop straight from hiring managers and career coaches. On Day 2 of Get Hired at Home, log in to explore employers at the expo. Finally consult a resume and cover letter writer, if you are on a time crunch.


The last and final stage of the job search process is ACTION. By this point, you have done your industry and employer research and created an amazing package to show to potential employers. Now it’s time to actually use that knowledge in the real world. This stage is all about networking, making employer connections, and continued personal development.

There is no better place to make these connections than on the final day of Get Hired at Home virtual expo. Connect with employers from across Canada interested in hiring. Get Hired at Home also offers networking cafes to interact and connect with other international students and like-minded attendees.

Making your way through these stages will ensure you feel confident in your job search. Although we’ve outlined quite a few steps in a successful career journey, we can assure you, in the long run, you will appreciate having completed these stages. Taking the job search journey one step at a time will inevitably relieve pressure on yourself and help you focus on your goals.


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