Is Career Coaching Right For You?

Are you considering working with a career coach, but unsure how it will really help your job search? Keep reading to learn more about why career coaching may be a beneficial next step in your career journey.

Who Needs a Career Coach?

Let’s unpack this question a little. The team at Devant interacts with so many amazing international students and alumni. Here’s what we often hear:

  1. I wish I started my job hunting earlier!
  2. I wish I was more thoughtful with my strategy!
  3. I wish I didn’t spend so much timing applying to jobs I wasn’t right for!

As you may have noticed these are all related to one another. Starting earlier, being more thoughtful and planful, leads to less wasted effort. From the vantage point of a career coach, who’s worked with 100’s of job seekers (in our case specifically with international students), a bird’s eye view of your job search journey and strategy may be just what you need to pull these ideas together. In the case of Devan’t career development process, a career coach can walk you through the planning, preparation and action stages of your career journey.

Below we complied common challenges students face in the job search journey and outlined how a career coach can help. Can you relate?

1. I am struggling with developing career goals

Having clearly defined goals is what will guide your job search journey. They act as a tacker to measure how well you are doing in reaching achievements. Alternatively, if you aren’t making progress on your career goals, it may be time to re-think them. Finally, goals are an amazing motivator to help you not only see how far you’ve come but to keep you focused on where you want to go.

That said, a career coach can help you develop actionable career goals that are best suited for you. All you have to do is indicate where you see yourself in your career.

2. I don’t know what my current skills and strengths are

As a first step to understand how a career coach can help you, they may ask about your career journey thus far. This means discussing your skills, experiences, educations, and strengths. Yes, in Canada and internationally. We find many of your clients struggle to translate some of their past experiences, to match their Canadian career goals. If this is you, a career coach can help you take inventory of your career story and help you bridge the gap for a smoother transition into the Canadian job market.

Self-reflection is such an important part of a meaningful discussion with a career coach. Having a good understanding of your skillset will help you and your coach determine the best ways to then showcase them. It’s also a great way to identify any gaps specific to your industry of interest.

3. I am not satisfied with my current role (or career direction)

Another common challenge our community of international face is transitioning from one sector to another. This can be a difficult career goal for any job seeker, but even more so for newcomers. However, having worked with so many clients across industries and roles, a career coach can really give you the ins and outs of your specific sector. Understanding the latest trends, vocabulary, and credentials that are relevant to your sector can be what makes you stand out. Here is where a career coach can step in. We all experience Google fatigue, but a career coach can really put into perspective your sector specific needs straight from their real life examples.

4. I am not reaching my job search goals (+ I don’t know why)

Last, and probably the most common reason a student might seek out a career coach is that they are not getting the job they want. If you have exhausted all the job search strategies and tips you know, but are still coming short of your dream job, it may be time to pivot. After a thorough discussion with a career coach, they are likely to pick up on the specific challenges you are facing in your career journey. In fact, they may be barriers you may have even been blind to. With the help of a carer coach, not only are you identifying your barriers, but you are working to develop a specific career action plan to work with your goals.

You can certainly be your own career coach, but you might benefit if you take an hour to review your plan with an expert. If you don’t have a plan – then let’s get started. If you do have a plan – then let’s improve on it. If you are already applying but not winning – then let’s review your actions. If you want to learn more about our career coaching options, check out our service page.


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