Understanding the Recruiter Perspective

A recruiter has a very different set of goals compared to a job applicant. For the job seeker, the goal is straightforward – GET HIRED. The recruiter, however, is balancing several vital considerations with every new candidate. Why does this matter? Here’s the advantage: By understanding the recruiter’s perspective you have the inside scoop on how you can best align your job application and interview responses to their needs. Your tailored application package and interview responses help you stand out as a candidate and create lasting relationships with recruiters.

At Devant, we’re lucky to hear about the recruiter’s perspective straight from our network of industry leaders. We have prepared these from the Recruiters’ perspective but these also apply to internal HR and Talent Acquisition Specialists. Here’s what they have to say.

A recruiter’s perspective is the mindset and strategy that a recruiter follows while hiring for roles. As a job seekers it’s so important to understand this perspective, especially during the pandemic when competition for every role is extremely fierce. While it can vary from person to person, overall most of the recruiters follow similar strategies. Their goal is to successfully find the right talent in a short time. As a jobseeker, try to understand what the recruiter is looking for and that might help to get an opportunity for or interview or shortlisted for the role.

Syeda Kabhir, People and Culture Generalist, PrTech Inc.

Independent recruiters are like jobseekers, we look for new assignments the same way you search for a job. I like when candidates respect my work and respect my client. Details like being on time or saying ‘thank you’ mean a lot.” I value and nurture my relationships with corporate hiring teams. Sometimes it takes months or even years before they say “YES” and start considering me as their partner.

Tatiana Lazareva, Principle, Unicorn Experts

Ultimately, the recruiter is highly influential in making the decision to recommend you to their client(s). If in hiring you, they are also hitting their goals, then your chances of success just went way up. Recruiters have at least the following three broad objectives: a successful placement, a successful employee, and an efficient hiring process.

Successful Placement

A recruiter’s main aim is to select or hire a candidate they feel confident best meets the employer’s requirements. They consider three main categories.

Skill set match

This is the most obvious and priority for the recruiter. This is the match between your skills and the job skill requirements. As a job seeker – how do you know if you make a good fit? The best and easiest place to start is the job posting. The recruiter and the organization have taken the time and effort to write out exactly what they are looking for in the perfect candidate. If you use this as your guide in your job application and interview process, you’re well on your way to becoming an ideal employee. This is why we emphasize examining a job posting as an important skill to have as a job seeker.


Your experience is related to your skill set but it also tells recruiters about your success in other employment settings. Your goal is to relate your experience directly to the required skills.

Organizational fit

This one is more difficult to explain because it is subjective. It comes down to the recruiter and employer’s intuition about how well you will fit into the organizational culture and team. Try to research the organizational culture and ask the recruiter about it. It is most important to demonstrate your ability to work with people and to adapt to varying work environments. This is where your soft skills are key to success.

Successful Employee

The recruiter’s longer-term success also depends upon your longevity and success in the role. If you leave or are dismissed shortly after accepting the position, this is not a success from the recruiter or employer’s perspective. If you have misrepresented your skills/experience or do not fit in and/or do not work well with teammates you are not likely to succeed in the new position. We always encourage Devant Insiders to be thoughtful and authentic in their interviews with recruiters and/or HR professionals.

An Efficient Hiring Process

A recruiter’s role is unique in that they work closely with both the employer and with the job seeker. They are responsible for keeping both parties informed and satisfied. Often a recruiter works with a tight timeline to get the most suitable candidate quickly (ex. maternity leave, department changes etc.). Sometimes an employer may have to turn down new clients/projects because they don’t have sufficient talent in-house. Opening and closing a role in a timely way is a big win for recruiters. What does this mean for the job seeker? In this area, we have two recommendations for you.

First, think of your job, as making the recruiter’s job easier. Be flexible, accommodating, and appreciative. If you do all three you will stand out. Second, whether you get the job or not, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note and strive to build a relationship with the recruiter. Recruiters are always working on their database of qualified and suitable candidates.

In conclusion

It is easy to get caught up in your own career goals, but there are so many benefits in considering the recruiter’s perspective. It can strengthen your application package, build your network and ultimately help you stand out. To learn more about the job search process from a recruiter, check out our Recruiter Q and A live event. It’s a great opportunity to get facetime with an industry leader (like Syeda and Tatiana) and get your questions answered in real-time.


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