International Student to Career Success (Video Testimonial)

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Your destination for career development and job search support, designed specifically for international students. Let’s hear from one of our valued community members on his Canadian success story.

Hi, My name is Kunal and I am from India. I have recently completed my MBA in Marketing from Brock University. I am currently working at Labatt (Breweries of Canada) as a sales rep.

For the first time, I got to know about Devant from my university. I believe getting associated with Devant and using their services was probably one of the best decisions that I took in Canada. For most of us, it is easy to take the job search for granted as we are also getting used to the new culture, new environment, and the new country that we will be making our home.

The first thing I learned when I started working with a career coach at Devant was it was really important to start your job search early. Taking small steps helps you land you to your goal. Now after getting the job, I’ve been looking forward to, I have realized how right they were.

On top of this, the industry connections that they have and the networking opportunities that you get when you’re working with Devant is great

How did you stay motivated?

One thing I want to point out is when you come to a new country and you come away from your family, sometimes it’s easy to feel isolated. This is one thing that I personally felt at that time. Devant really helped me to get over it because, the career coaches, especially my career coach at Devant, did not only help me to get my resume done, get me one of the best versions of the cover letter, but on top of it the moral support that I got from them for my entire journey was just amazing.

My career coach made sure I was motivated through my entire journey and I was constantly working towards my goal. I owe a big thank you to the entire team at Devant for helping me so much.

To learn more browse our offering or reach out to us at Good luck!


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