About Devant

We provide essential support and guidance to committed international students who want to stay, work, and succeed in Canada.


Founding team

Devant was founded by 4 professionals with over 60 years of combined experience working in higher education and career development alongside top employers and international students in Canada. We recognize the unique pressures and challenges that international students face when living, studying, and working in a new country. Leveraging our vast professional networks and years of experience in working with highly skilled and educated newcomers in the areas of cultural fluency and career development for professional employment, the Devant team supports and guides international students through this critical time in your life, setting you up for academic, personal, and professional success.


At Devant, we provide international students and graduates with the guidance they need to stay, work, and succeed in Canada. This process begins from the moment you reach out to us.

Our unique needs assessment is tailored to address the top challenges faced by international students and graduates seeking academic success and a great career, and is designed to identify the exact supports that you’ll need to accomplish your goals.

After completing this personalized needs assessment, we will create a customized program that will build key skills and set you on the path to success.


My name is Arash Khyatiyan and I am of Iranian background. I studied Mechanical Engineering Technology – Building Sciences and graduated in 2015. After graduation, I was in search of a full-time job so I could one day apply for permanent residency.  I constantly applied for jobs for over a year and half with no success. I sent over 50 resumes weekly to online job postings. I was losing hope and time. When I met the coaches from Devant, they pointed out to me where I was going wrong. They helped me get out there to network with the right people and find a mentor. Now I have a full-time permanent job in my field.

Arash Khyatiyan

building operator

My name is Saba Isani. I was an international student from India and I studied Business Information Systems. Coming from India, I had no knowledge of the Canadian job market. I worked several part-time jobs as a student, but after graduation, I could not find a full-time job. I struggled with direction and I did not know where to start. Devant gave me guidance, direction, and support every step of the way. Devant staff perfected my resume and cover letter. They taught me business etiquette and how to excel in interviews. With Devant’s image consulting, I got a complete transformation in the way I dress and conduct myself, allowing me to transition from college student to working professional. This helped me gain confidence. Now, not only do I look the part, but I am now able to communicate effectively, build relationships, network and present myself in a professional way. 

Saba Isani

IT systems support specialist

My name is Joband Delkhoon. I am an international student from Dubai and was enrolled in a Motive Power Technician program. After I graduated, I got lucky with my first full-time job offer. The problem arose when I lost this job and was told that I was not the right fit for the company. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong and how to fix it. I did not know how to search for a new job effectively. I also realized that I did not really understand the culture at work. Devant exposed me to important lifelong skills and certain cultural aspects of the Canadian workplace that I had not paid attention to before. With their help, I got another full-time job in my field, applied for my permanent residency, and in September 2018, my application was approved. 

Joband Delkhoon

autoMotive repair Technician