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Are you a post-secondary professional who wants to prepare your international students to thrive academically and professionally in Canada?


Working hand-in-hand with universities, colleges, polytechnics, and English language institutes, Devant offers exclusive training programs designed to help your international students maximize their academic experience, get a head-start on launching their career, and chart a clear pathway to permanent residency.

Devant’s on-campus workshops offer targeted insights, training, and support that complements and enhances existing in-house programs and services.


All of our offerings are highly interactive and customizable to your students’ unique needs.


Contact Denis Gravelle at or (647) 678-6737 to inquire about how Devant can support your international students over the full lifecycle of their Canadian journey.


KickStart Your Career

Devant’s flagship program is designed for international students presently enrolled in a post-secondary institution, or as a value-added offering to international graduate alumni. This program can be adapted to learners who are in the first year of their studies, through to their final semester and beyond.


International students often struggle to effectively navigate the Canadian labour market and maximize opportunities that support their path to success. This program seeks to deepen learners’ self-awareness and cultural fluency, empower them with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions about their future, and learn key skills and strategies that improve performance and further their academic and professional aspirations. 


KickStart Your Career provides deep insights into the changing world of work and explores emerging, declining, and stable occupations, industries, and skills by leveraging Burning Glass labour market data analyzed by an expert research team. Participants will complete the 4D-i® assessment, which measures 21st-century skills identified by the World Economic Forum as essential to thriving in today’s labour market and adapting to the jobs of tomorrow. Lastly, a top immigration lawyer will cover what international students need to know when studying, working and living in Canada.


To learn more, contact Denis Gravelle at or (647) 678-6737.

KickStart Your Academics

KickStart Your Academics is an on-campus workshop series designed for international students who are new to Canada and to Canadian higher education institutions. 


For the most part, international students are operating in a different language and culture than domestic students, navigating a new academic environment, and adapting to life in a country that they may have never visited before, often in isolation and away from family and friends. This process is often emotional and overwhelming.


Devant eases the process of transition and adaptation by helping your students to orient themselves in their new environment and understand the unspoken rules, cultural norms, practices and expectations that underpin their academic, personal, and professional success. 


Key topics include academic integration, classroom conduct, effective communication, personal initiative, teamwork, performance measures, on-campus engagement, 21st-century skills, and navigating relationships with domestic peers, instructors, and administrators.


To learn more, contact Denis Gravelle at or (647) 678-6737.


Devant’s CareerStart program is designed for new and current international students who are looking for part-time employment, who are already working and want to be more successful in their part-time job, or who may have had a bad experience with part-time work and want to avoid mistakes in the future.


Finding the right part-time employment opportunity and performing strongly on the job offers many benefits beyond simply helping to pay for school and cover expenses. For international students, gaining work experience while still in school can enhance language skills, deepen understanding of Canadian workplace culture, improve professional competencies, provide Canadian references, build professional networks, and improve one’s attractiveness to prospective employers.


However, in order to experience all of these benefits, international students need specialized guidance and support. Give your students a head-start with Devant’s CareerStart program, which will empower them with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to confidently enter the world of work, avoid common mistakes, and gain the maximum benefit from part-time employment in Canada. 


To learn more, contact Denis Gravelle at or (647) 678-6737.

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