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Explore all of the Devant programs that will help you thrive academically and build a great career in Canada after graduation.


Are you an international student looking to succeed academically and professionally in Canada?

Don’t know where to start or where to turn?

No matter what stage of your academic or professional journey you are in, Devant has a program that is right for you. Our experts have combined their decades of experience to help students like you live, study, and work in Canada. Explore the programs below to find out more about how Devant can help you achieve your goal of building a great life in Canada.



Devant’s CareerStart program is designed for new and current international students who are looking for part-time employment, who are already working and want to be more successful in their part-time job, or who may have had a bad experience with part-time work and want to avoid mistakes in the future.


Finding the right part-time employment opportunity and performing strongly on the job offers so many benefits beyond simply helping to pay for school and cover expenses. Gaining work experience while you are still in school can enhance your language skills, deepen your understanding of Canadian workplace culture, improve your professional competencies, provide you with Canadian references, build your professional network, and increase your attractiveness to employers after graduation.


However, in order to experience all of these benefits, you need to know what you’re doing and be strategic. Devant’s CareerStart program will give you the specialized knowledge, tools, and strategies to confidently enter the world of work, avoid common mistakes, and gain the maximum benefit from part-time employment in Canada. 


To learn more about CareerStart, contact Sejal Ahir at or (647) 781-2945.


Are you a graduate or current international student nearing completion of your studies who is looking to enter the professional workforce in Canada?  Are you struggling in your job search, or currently working below your abilities and feeling concerned about meeting the employment requirements for permanent residency?


CareerBuild will help you gain a competitive advantage in the labour market, impress employers, and build a great career in Canada after graduation. This program is offered in 3 parts that are designed to move you along a structured and proven path to career success.


Module 1 enhances your skills in intercultural communications and navigating Canadian culture by interpreting the professional behaviour and business etiquette expected by Canadian employers. A top Immigration Lawyer will address your questions and concerns and explain what you need to know to live and work in Canada, meet permanent residency requirements, and avoid common mistakes.


Module 2 looks at designing your personal job search strategy and enhancing your marketable skills most valued by Canadian employers. Expert career coaches will analyze and enhance your job search tools for maximum effectiveness. Participants will complete the 4D-i® assessment, which measures 21st-century skills essential to success in today’s labour market.


Module 3 helps you understand and excel in Canadian interviews and develop powerful networking skills needed to break into the hidden job market. Our image consultant, photographer, and makeup artist will perfect your professional image and transform you into a confident, polished professional.


After successfully completing all 3 modules of the CareerBuild Program, you will receive a digital badge that tells employers you are Certified Devant Graduate and Job Candidate of Distinction. Better still, you will qualify for Devant’s exclusive CareerLaunch program, where we will connect you directly with employers.


To learn more about CareerBuild, contact Sejal Ahir at or (647) 781-2945.


CareerLaunch is Devant’s exclusive offering for graduates of the CareerBuild training program. However, this program can also be accessed by international student graduates who are currently employed but experiencing challenges at work, have had a hard time keeping a job, or who want to improve their performance and increase their prospects for professional advancement in Canada.


In CareerLaunch, our team of experts will teach you how to interpret unspoken rules of the Canadian workplace and master cultural norms, practices, and behaviour that impact your effectiveness on the job. 


For those who are seeking skilled employment, Devant coaches will help you perfect your job search strategy by creating and executing a customized plan that connects you directly with potential hiring managers by leveraging our vast employer network.


To learn more about CareerLaunch, contact Sejal Ahir at or (647) 781-2945.

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