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Welcome to Get Hired at Home

A Virtual Career Development Expo for Canada’s
International Students and Alumni

Online June 1-8

About 'Get Hired'

Get Hired at Home is a career development expo that helps international students and alumni to stay, work and succeed in Canada.

Professional online workshops are combined with an AI-driven virtual expo to teach the job search process and then connect them with valuable companies, brands and services.

Virtual booths include a fully-customisable landing page where companies can host live webinars, as well as AI chatbots to automatically collect contact information and leads.

Get Hired at Home Virtual Event Floor Plan

Why work with us?

1. Promote to thousands of internationals living in Canada

The 4,093 registrants for our winter event (January 28 – February 4, 2021) represented 120+ countries and 140+ schools across Canada! Showcase your company to this diverse group in one convenient place.

2. We build your virtual booth and AI chatbot for you

Your personalised virtual booth can include company information, videos, downloadable PDFs and links to live webinars & demos. Your chatbot can automatically send company introductions and answer questions from attendees.

3. Engage with attendees live on any device

Access your all-in-one personal inbox to interact with attendees via live chat, text, call or video on any device. Host live webinars or Q&As from your virtual booth and download your full list of contacts.

Plus: Get exposure to our 32,000 senior college and university administrators &
key government stakeholders via our newsletter


Event Schedule

June 1-7:  Planning & Preparation

Online Workshops

Attendees will attend 2 x 1 hr online workshops on career development and how to navigate the event platform.  From June 3, they will have access to the expo floor plan and will begin to interact with your booth and AI chatbot.

June 8:  Action

Get Hired Live Expo

The expo will be ‘live’ and AI chatbots turned off. Companies are encouraged to reach out to contacts as well as host live webinars and Q&As.


Company Feedback

CLICK HERE to view the participating companies at the most recent Get Hired at Home expo.


Speech Marks

New Audience

This was a good experience and a nice opportunity for us to think about this new audience and how we can communicate / sell to them in the future. You were SO helpful and a pleasure to work with!

Speech Marks

Great Engagement

I had to extend my live webinar an extra 30 minutes due to the number of questions – Great engagement.

Speech Marks

Best Virtual Event Platform

We really liked the platform. This has been the best virtual event platform we have used so far. 

Speech Marks

Exceptional People

We would like to thank Devant for giving us the opportunity to connect with some exceptional people.




International students and alumni registered to attend the most recent Get Hired at Home expo (January 28 – February 4, 2021.)

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The majority of attendees are currently living in Ontario. Overseas (18%). British Columbia (9%). We are able to target specific provinces using our 32,000 subscriber list to increase registrations in your required area.


Gender & Age Ranges

There is an equal gender split: Female (53%) and Male (47%).

Most common age ranges:
18-24 yrs (49%)
25-34 (39%)


The majority of students want to become permanent residents of Canada after their studies. 


Nearly half of Get Hired attendees were born in India and China. 


The majority of Get Hired attendees are due to graduate in 2021.


What it looks like

Landing Pages

Once an attendee clicks on your virtual booth, they will be taken to your company landing page which is built to meet your specific requirements. It can include:

  • Company information and links to websites and social channels.
  • Embedded corporate videos and downloadable PDFs.
  • Links to a live external webinar, demo or presentation.
Landing Page

AI Chat Bot

  • We program your personalised chat bot to automatically collect the data you need from attendees: Contact information, questions, newsletter sign-ups and more. 
  • Schedule 1:1 calls to discuss your offerings.
  • Use collected data to rank and prioritise contacts to save money, time and effort.
AI Chatbot

All-in-One Inbox

  • Export CSV spreadsheet containing contact details of all attendees who show interest in your company.
  • Interact via live chat, call, video or text on any device.
  • Tag and filter contacts, assign notes and send reminders.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Events & Business Development Manager,
Kate Johnson, at any time by email, on LinkedIn or by phone 905-467-3163.


Access thousands of diverse candidates in ONE place to boost your Inclusion & Diversity goals. Log into your employer portal and instantly access your top 10 pre-screened and ranked candidates best suited for your job positions.